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Founder of BibEasy Baby Bibs and daughter


Hi, I’m Shantelle and this is my daughter Nerisa.

The BibEasy bib was born out of frustration when Nerisa was teething at a few months old and suffered with ‘dribble rash’ under her chin and down her neck. When she started weaning, she somehow managed to get food in places we never anticipated and we had to change her clothes quite often.

I decided the current designs of baby bibs on the market just weren’t good enough and decided to turn the bib world upside down.  Setting out to find a solution that would keep babies dry and make life easier on parents, the BibEasy was born.

The integrated flap on the reverse side prevents dribble and mess going inside clothes so your baby is protected on the inside as well as out.  Parents with children who have reflux and even cerebral palsy have said they find it useful which is heartwarming to hear it is helping people in their daily lives.

BibEasy bibs have been tested by SGS UK, one of the leading testing laboratories for baby, children and consumer goods to ensure they are not made from nor contain any harmful materials, dyes or substances  including Azo dyes and PFOS.

The print designs are inspired by my love of music.  Since I was a little child, I loved listening to different types of genres and I wanted to share my passion with the world.  I believe music is the medicine of the mind and the one thing other than love that brings us all together.

Each 1 Feeds 1 was envisioned one day when myself and Nerisa were out shopping and we walked passed a homeless man and she asked “Mummy, why is that man sleeping on the floor?” To which I replied “Some people don’t have anywhere to live baby” I remember her sad face as we left him some money to get something to eat and walked away. That’s when I felt I needed to do something to help the growing number of homeless people.

A couple of weeks later, Nerisa said she wanted to give some of her clothes away to people who don’t have any and that’s when I had the ‘light bulb’ moment for Each1Feeds1 by providing a meal the homeless for every product I sold.

I am overwhelmed we share the same love and compassion for others and she cares enough to want to help at such a young age.

I started volunteering at the Ace of Clubs in Clapham, South London who provide food, hot meals, showers, clean clothes, counselling, dental care, advice and help to get back into work to over 100 vulnerable and homeless people a day.

A proportion of every sale goes towards supporting the Ace of Clubs and helping those in need.  Find out more here

Why not share our story with family and friends and help us spread the word about BibEasy Bibs.

We have a 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee which means if you are unhappy, you can return it for a full refund.

Shop the BibEasy range today, and find the perfect bib for your baby.

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