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About BibEasy

Founded by Shantelle Nicholson

Our Story

The journey began in 2012 when my daughter, Nerisa, was a few months old.  I noticed red rashes around her mouth, under her chin and on her neck. I took her to see the doctor and was told that the rash was caused by the dribbling as she was teething. My little one, somehow in some way, always managed to get food inside her clothes while eating. Her dad and I had to clean her up and change her clothes after every feed which, I’m sure you know, can become very frustrating.

I couldn’t find any baby bibs on the market to help keep her dry so I set out to find a solution. I sewed an extra piece of fabric onto her bib and that was the ‘light bulb’ moment and hey presto, BibEasy was born.

The unique, integrated flap prevents dribble and mess going inside clothes so your baby is protected inside and out.
It is heartwarming to learn that our product is helping people in their daily lives. We have received testimonials from parents whose children suffer from recurrent vomiting (reflux) and even cerebral palsy saying they find it extremely useful and helps save them time and save them from the frustration of the mealtime cleanup. Simply tuck it in, fasten it up, and enjoy a mealtime that doesn’t require you to change stained and damp clothing afterwards, click here to watch the demo video and hear reviews from our #biblievers (Mums who have tried for themselves).

From my humble home in Clapham, London is where I started selling BibEasy Bibs to friends and their friends. From them we have received feedback how our bibs made their lives so much easier. Now we have a workshop in Kennington where all the magic happens. That is where we create our designs as well as the customized design requests from our clients.

We were one of the chosen few, selected by ITV to make a bespoke baby shower gift for celebrity Roxy Shahidi, read more about here.  We love meeting other mums and childcare givers to find out the challenges they face with their little ones.

Please call 0800 999 3239 or email us info@bibeasybabybibs.com if you would like to come by to say hello and browse our designs



We want to turn the bib world upside down and we are committed to creating stylish and innovative baby essentials to make parents’ lives easier. Together with our community of #Biblievers, we will bring this vision to life by continuously offering an exciting selection of high-quality, beautiful, and practical accessories and gifts for young children. We want to make a big difference when it comes to caring for your baby with our unique BibEasy designs.


Click here to learn more about the design and watch our video.


We hope you find BibEasy as useful as we did.  


Thank you.



We were delighted to be crowned by Lux Life Magazine Parent & Baby Awards 2018 for most innovative baby & toddler dribble bibs 2018

Awarded a Special Mention by German Design Awards 2019 for Excellent Baby & Childcare Product Design.

BibEasy Bibs Lux-Life-Parent-and-Baby-awards

“I honestly can’t thank BibEasy enough for saving my daughters skin! 5 stars…. 
More like a million stars!!!”
Katherine , Cornwall

“Brilliant bibs, love the flap which helps to prevent spillage going down inside clothing. My son is a real dribbler and these bibs absorb loads, and are really soft on his skin”.

Lara, Croydon


“Big Things Have Small Beginnings”

 Michael Fassbender