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The BibEasy was invented by Shantelle Nicholson when she had her first child, Nerisa.

“I remember Nerisa having this red rash all round her mouth, chin and neck and didn’t have a clue what was causing it so I took her to the doctors and they said it was teething rash caused by excessive dribbling.”

“I was constantly wiping her mouth and changing bibs and clothes so often and it took up so much time so one day I sewed and extra piece of fabric onto another bib and that was the light bulb moment.”

Since then, we have developed the design making a practical solution for parents who need better protection when feeding their baby.

We know the nuisance of fitting a baby bib only to have food and drink still cause mess and discomfort all too well. In fact, a constant wet neck or chest can cause babies to catch colds and feel unwell.

These practical and cool baby bibs are one-size-fits-all, with adjustable poppers to ensure a secure fit.

Simply tuck it in, fasten it up, and enjoy a mealtime that doesn’t require you to change stained and damp clothing afterwards.

We have a range of designs and we can even personalize your baby bib for you making it the perfect gift for any new parent.

Baby bibs are meant to protect clothing and keep your baby dry, and if traditional bibs aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to make the switch. Say goodbye to dribbly fronts, dirty clothes and upset babies, and hello to fuss-free mealtimes!

Made for parents, by parents, the BibEasy baby bib is the simple way to keep your baby fresh and clean.

Shop the range today, and find the perfect bib for your baby.

We offer a product promise of a FULL refund within 60 days if your are not satisfied with your order.

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